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The History of Shefights Productions

Shefight.net that later should show to be the world’s number one beatdown site was started back in 2009 by Jeffery Williams. Based out of St. Petersburg, Florida (US), Jeffery started to produce niche fetish content, where sexy beautiful younger girls, issued real beatdowns to various male victims including himself. The clips did quickly become popular and sold well via various clip sites, and soon shefights.net was born.

As time went by, the production became more and more organised, with weekly updates and regular fighters. Some female fighters quickly became very popular, with Cassidy, Mikaela, Cindy, Logan and Toni as some of the absolute fans favourites. What made Shefights standout, was the fact that is was genuine and unique. Nothing was partly faked, as you would see in more or less any other beatdown production. Shefights offered real beatdowns, only with a few rules like no sidekicks on the knees and a few other things that could have caused serious damage to the male victims.

Jeffery soon expanded his production, by adding yet another site to his portfolio called ShePunishes. It was still Cassidy, Mikaela, Cindy, Logan, Toni and the other well-known faces that were the stars, but the theme had changed, and you could now also watch the girls punish the male victims with heavy bullwhips and hard ballbusting.

To help to make the production more organised PC Guy (as seen as a male victim in many clips) partnered up with Jeffery and helped our sorting the shoot, finding actors, act himself and in general get things going. It was an ongoing challenge for the team to find new faces to act as male victims, as everyone interested quickly found out that this was the real deal and a broken nose or rib could easily be the result if they volunteered.

In 2011 the team filmed a scene with the title A Very Painful Beating, where Cindy was beating up a local homeless guy, that was paid $50 to appear in the scene. On the advice of local lawyers, the victim, later on, sued Shefights, claiming that he was mentally disabled and not aware what he was doing, accepting to take part in such a beatdown. In 2014, Jeffery Williams was sentenced to 7 years in prison, while Zuzu Vargo (Cindy), got 3 years in prison for carrying out the beatdown. It is important to point out that the judge did not find anything the beatdowns themselves illegal and Cindy and Jeffery were convicted only of taking advantage of and hurting a mentally disabled person.

In 2015 we were contacted by PC Guy from the original Shefight with a request to help him re-build the old site and help him finance some new and fully legal Shefight 2.0 clips. The site you are now browsing is the result of cooperation. John aka PC Guy died during a fire in his home in March 2016, just a week before filming for the new site was planned to start.

On this site, we have collected most of the old Shefight/Shepunishes content. All from the first movies filmed back in 2009 to the latest releases in HD quality from 2014. We hope in the future either together with Cindy and/or Jeffery or by our own that we will be able to restart the production of real beatdowns.

Strong, sexy and naked Hungarian female wrestlers vs. weak male opponents, are what you will find at Ultimate Mixed Wrestling. Filmed by a friend of us in Budapest, you will get mixed wrestling with many of the well known Hungarian names like; Nesty, Akasha, Mira Cuckold and power women Antcha.

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