Actors Wanted:


Female Fighters:

  • Would you like to dress up in a bikini and beat up a defenceless guy?
  • Are you living close to >Insert city name,US< or Germany, Europe?
  • Are you between 18-30 years old?
  • Are you between 45-70 kg?

If you can answer yes to all of the questions above you might very well be the female fighter we are looking to hire. You do not need to have any fighting experience – actually we prefer that you do not have. This because we want to fighter not to hold back at all when beating up the guy and if you are either a very experienced fighter or a heavy girl the fights simply tend to be too short.

It is also important that you either live close to where we shoot or are able to go there now and then as we prefer to have the fighters that do a good performance to come back for new shoots.

We pay compensation to all female fighters.

If you are possible interested shooting with us a female fighter please write us at


Male/Female Victims:

We also look for masochist victims for our shoots. So if you can say yes to all of these questions you should really write us an email:

  • You would like to be beat up by sexy female fighters?
  • You live close to either >Insert city name< or Germany, Europe?
  • You are ready to act without a mask?

We pay compensation as per scene you do with us. Compensation if only paid if the scene get long enough for publication. Interested then please contact us at

Due to experience with many actors not showing up you need to be able to answer yes to one of the below questions:

  • You have another producer or well known person from the online adult scene that will be able to vouch for you
  • You are a paying member of

In case you can´t answer yes to any of the above questions, we will require a €50 deposit that we will refund in full at your arrival. No show – no refund.


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